Stop selling your carbon fines at a fraction of their value to third party processors and start producing gold bullion on site using the KCA Carbon Converter.


The KCA Carbon Converter completely transforms waste carbon and dirty carbon fines into a clean ash that allows for up to 99% recovery of the contained gold and silver. Since 2017, three units have been installed and several more have been committed to. No more chain of custody issues and high external processing costs! Technical advantages and financial rewards of in-house carbon processing are becoming apparent.


Increased Recovery: For a typical CIL plant, gold lost in carbon fines is typically 1% of all the gold fed to the plant. Increase your operation’s gold recovery and take advantage of surging gold prices using the KCA Carbon Converter.


Elimination of Risks Associated with Mercury: Eliminate chain of custody concerns associated with shipping off-site and reduce corporate liability by capturing 100% of the mercury contained in your carbon.


Flexibility in Handling Carbon: The Carbon Converter allows mining operations to process carbon fines regardless of how dirty they are. In fact, many mines are now decreasing the mesh size of their carbon safety screen and recovering even more gold which would otherwise go to the tailings pond.


High Return on Investment:  Shipping carbon off-site and waiting months for receipt of payment is not for everyone. The Carbon Converter allows operations to realize the full value contained in it, very quickly. No more receiving a fraction of the carbon’s value, and no more waiting!

With more than 45 years of experience in the gold processing industry, KCA is dedicated in helping you with your processing needs by providing equipment you can trust.

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