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The Carbon Converter can generate $600,000 of gold in bullion per year from waste carbon fines, at an operating cost of less than $60,000 per year.  This unit completely transforms waste carbon and dirty carbon fines into a clean ash that allows for 100% recovery of the contained gold and silver.  Since then, two units have been sold and several more have been committed to.  The technical advantages and financial rewards are becoming apparent:


Increased Recovery:  For a typical CIL plant, gold lost on the carbon fines is typically 0.6 percent of all the gold fed to the plant. This can be recovered using the Carbon Converter, for an all-up operating cost of less than US$60 per ounce (US$1.50 per gram).    


Elimination of Risks Associated with Mercury:  By thoroughly destroying the carbon on site and recovering all components (gold, silver, mercury, etc), the Chain of Custody is assured.  Corporate liability is becoming more of an issue when shipping mercury-contaminated carbon off site, especially in third-world countries where the environmental laws have not yet caught up with the global risks. The Carbon Converter captures 100% of the mercury and transfers it in liquid form to storage containers.


Flexibility in Handling Carbon:  The Carbon Converter allows the mine to process all of its used carbon and carbon fines regardless of how dirty they are.   In fact, many mines can now decrease the mesh size of their carbon safety screen and recover even more gold that otherwise goes to the tailings pond.  


High Return on Investment:  For mines which do not want to ship their carbon off site, the Carbon Converter allows the ability to realize the value contained in it, very quickly.   A typical example might be a mine that makes 3 tonnes of waste carbon or carbon fines per month containing 400 grams gold per tonne. The Carbon Converter will generate $600,000 of gold in bullion per year, at an operating cost of less than $60,000 per year.  In most cases, the carbon fines contain much more gold – 1200 grams gold per tonne is not uncommon. So even a small mine can show a nice return on investment.  


KCA brings more than 45 years of gold process experience to the design of the carbon converter. The KCA Carbon Converter is a sophisticated, predictable unit that solves an awkward problem in a very economic manner.

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